V Tech Open Day – Friday 28th October

Come and join us on our new shop open day where we will have demo equipment on Fire & Intruder alarms, High Def CCTV and Video Door Entry systems linked to your phone! You can also enter in our draw for a free Intruder alarm worth £599 and a commercial Fire Risk Assessment worth £299. Friday 28th October 11 -17.00. Please email to book a demo time slot or just pop in – refreshments and freebies available.

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Welcome to VTECH’s first ever blog!!


Over the coming months we will try and post relevant information on all of the disciplines that we cover as a business, that in itself is a difficult task as we offer a wide range of systems that certainly keeps us on our toes as far as latest industry standards and compliance requirements changing!!

What we will try and do in this initial blog is give you a brief background to the business and the disciplines that we offer and where these may affect your compliance or insurance requirements.

Firstly let’s give you a bit of background into V TECH and how we have arrived here!

The business was started by James in 2005 and was predominantly a business specialising in Electrical and Fire alarm installations, James had a wealth of experience in this field being a qualified electrician and having spent several years working for ADT and Prosag?? Due to the success of his initial start-up he then asked his close friend and ex colleague Andy to join as a partner. Between them they managed to grow the business over the next 5 years to a very successful small business employing 4 directly employed engineers and several sub-contractors as and when they were required on specific projects. Our current office location in Stoneleigh was acquired and vehicles for our engineers were purchased and the V TECH brand was starting to evolve.

In early 2013 James and Andy asked myself to join as a further partner and start up the security side of the business, form my experience in engineering and national account sales the opportunity was not only to grow the business but change our approach and concentrate on service contracts and recurring revenue streams. A further directorship was offered to Eddie in 2014 and since then between the 4 of us the business has now doubled in turnover and now employs 14 staff and anything up to 10 sub-contractors at a time.

This year will also see a refurbishment of our current office in Stoneleigh and further investment in our engineering teams, we are also looking at strategic acquisitions/partnerships to assist our geographical engineering coverage.

If you’re still reading then thanks for sticking with me!!

As mentioned before each month we will try provide you with a greater understanding of each of the disciplines that we offer including information such as

  • Is PAT testing a legal requirement?
  • Can I get a discount on my insurance premium from an Intruder alarm system?
  • Can my CCTV system be monitored out of working hours?
  • Will my Fire alarm system be linked to the brigade?e
  • Where do I require Fire Extinguishers?

So that’s it for this initial Blog and as they say in show business any feedback is constructive so please feel free to leave comments and please be gentle with me I’m only little!!

Oh one more thing I forgot to mention each month we will also be adding Eddie’s Joke of the month so we will start off with one of his favourites and one that we hear at least every 2 months ( as he has forgotten by then that he has told us)!

Did you know that the people in Dubai don’t like the Flintstones?
But the people in Abu Dhabi DOOOOOOOOOOOO……….


Speak to you in October.

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