We supply and maintain a wide range of safety equipment, including fire alarms and detection devices, dry risers, hose reels and fire sprinklers.


A fire sprinkler system is an advanced, reliable and preferred system to many insurers. When installed correctly they often will go all but unnoticed until they are required. We offer install and maintenance packages to current British Standards. For more information please get in touch


From small conventional systems to fully networked addressable systems incorporating graphics packages. We offer install and maintenance packages to current British Standards. We believe in installing open protocol fire systems so that our clients have flexibility going forward. We can support all of the UK’s leading manufacturers.


Early warning of an imminent fire condition by employing a High Sensitivity Smoke Detection system (HSSD) may provide sufficient early warning that prompt investigation, action and control can be implemented prior to serious damage. We offer install and maintenance packages to current British Standards



V TECH ensure that the Extinguisher’s we supply are suitable for the job for which it’s intended, we will carry out a full site survey resulting in the correct extinguisher being in place to cover the fire risk. We can supply, install and maintain any of the following extinguisher types.


Our fire assessors can conduct the fire risk assessment on your behalf and on completion provide you with a comprehensive document, which complies with current Fire Legislation. Included in our risk assessment process would be an on-site visit by a fully qualified free risk assessor, who would conduct a full non-destructive site survey of the building or area of your responsibility.


The application of a gas suppression system requires that the room space (including the total envelope floor void / ceiling void) are adequately sealed to contain the weight of gas within the space for the required period of time against an allowable leakage rate.
The means to test the room for ‘ tightness ‘ is by the Retrotec Room Integrity Door Fan Pressure Test means. A calibrated and certified axial flow fan is latched into rigid expandable panels that fill the opened door frame space.


High value high risk computer / server Comms Computer Rooms invariably require the protection of a fire detection and gas extinguishing / suppression system / water mist system to protect such valuable equipment whilst also protecting the ongoing function of the business. Risk Management assessments and Insurance Company requirements invariably lead to a necessity to detect fire and provide fire control measures.